Flash in the Pan Obsessions

I'm in my 30s (which is ancient for Tumblr), I work as a child therapist (at the moment), I am married to a wonderful man who is also a jackass.

I have a habit of becoming interested then obsessed with things...especially male celebrities, tv shows and movies. I also love kitties, small animals, cute stuff, food stuff and interesting stuff.

I am known to make a .gif or two...

I almost always follow back.

Current obsessions:

Chris Hardwick
Aiden Turner
David Tennent
John Slattery
Neil Patrick Harris
David Burtka
Tom Hardy
Johnny Galecki
Nathan Fillion
Joel Mchale

Shows/Stuff I nerd out about:
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Mad Men
The musical "Company"
Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-blog
Doctor Who
Being Human (UK)
Nerdist Podcast

There's more but that will come and go on my dashboard...Just enjoy!
Posts I Like


BBCA’s The Nerdist with guest Matt Smith: September 24th on BBCAmericaTV

THE NERDIST comes to TV, *** premiering Saturday Sept 24 at 10/9c *** only on BBC America, part of the Ministry of Laughs.

Join host Chris Hardwick & his trusty sidekicks (Jonah Ray and Matt Mira) plus Very Special Guest Eleventh Doctor MATT SMITH, as the Internet’s Top Ranked Podcast comes to BBC America in an exclusive special.

Immediately following the premiere of an all new episode of Doctor Who: Closing Time at 9/8c.

I am so excited to see this!!! Chris Hardwick is so awesome-sauce!

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    Please, please, PLEASE, watch this show! I love Nerdist so much!
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    I am so excited to see this!!! Chris Hardwick is so awesome-sauce!
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    If you can, I highly suggest you watch this. I can’t think of anyone else who deserves their own TV show.
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