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I'm in my 30s (which is ancient for Tumblr), I work as a child therapist (at the moment), I am married to a wonderful man who is also a jackass.

I have a habit of becoming interested then obsessed with things...especially male celebrities, tv shows and movies. I also love kitties, small animals, cute stuff, food stuff and interesting stuff.

I am known to make a .gif or two...

I almost always follow back.

Current obsessions:

Chris Hardwick
Aiden Turner
David Tennent
John Slattery
Neil Patrick Harris
David Burtka
Tom Hardy
Johnny Galecki
Nathan Fillion
Joel Mchale

Shows/Stuff I nerd out about:
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Mad Men
The musical "Company"
Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-blog
Doctor Who
Being Human (UK)
Nerdist Podcast

There's more but that will come and go on my dashboard...Just enjoy!
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Look at his adorable face!

Look at his adorable face!

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aidan turner - mitchell


Being Human - S01E03


Being Human - S01E03


aidan turner as mitchell | being human 

Annie, please stop. It’s not like  I was drunk and there are whole periods I can’t remember. I can tell you all their names, what they were wearing. I remember who cried, who fought back. Others have tried to quit before me. They didn’t last long. I just thought the need for blood got too much, but it was this.

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Mitchell: You want to watchThe Real Hustle?

George: Oh, I’d really like that. Women - you think you’re such authorities, like the way you deal with emotions is the only way.

Mitchell: It’s not on.

George: Yeah, it is. It’s on at 10.30.

Mitchell: No, they’ve moved it.

George: No, you’re kidding me?

Mitchell: Oh, I don’t believe it.

George: No, I was looking forward to that.

Mitchell: 10:30, Thursday! That’s Real Hustle time. A fucking child knows that!

George: Can I not just have one good thing in my life?

Mitchell: It just drives me insane when they move stuff around!

George: Don’t I deserve one bloody crumb of happiness?

Mitchell: We’re supposed to check? Every week? Like we don’t have anything else to do? Is it our responsibility?! Why is it down to us?!

George: I saw a preview. They were going to do a con about cashpoints.

Mitchell: Really? I would have loved that. You bastards!

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